Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara




Black Mascara

Cosmetically formulated mascara that contains ingredients that help support longer looking lashes. 24-hour smudge proof wear, rose water base, dynamic curved brush, nutrients to condition and help enhance lashes.


  • New and improved holistic formula
  • The wet and reset mascara technology is now enhanced with carnuba and beeswax
  • Organic polymer is used to replace Xanium gum. It just feels drier and will be easier to layer without clumping.
  • Essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Capryl glycol sourced from coconut oil and NOT palm oil
  • Natural black pigment


  • Remove excess mascara from the brush
  • Apply a fine layer to the lashes from the base of your lash to the tip and allow to dry for 30 seconds
  • Once dry apply multiple layers as desired for maximum affect
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