At Megan Dempsey THE CLINIC, Botox® treatments are available on request by one of our highly trained experienced Registered Nurses.

What is Botox®?

Botox® is the brand name for botulinum toxin, a natural purified protein that blocks or lessens muscle movement, so the overlying skin is smoother and wrinkles less, which can help give a small facial lift to some areas. Botox® is registered for the treatment of frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet and excessive underarm sweating.  It can also be used in other areas such as the chin, mouth area and jawline. It has an excellent safety profile over many decades and has been used since 1997 in New Zealand.

What does Botox® do?

Treatment softens wrinkles and relaxes the downwards pull of certain muscles, resulting in a softer expression and fewer lines.  We at  Megan Dempsey THE CLINIC prefer a natural look and will tailor your treatment specifically for you, to maintain your character and expression. 

Botox® takes 4 – 5 days to start working and up to 2 weeks to be fully effective.  A full dose lasts 3-4 months, lighter doses may last a shorter period.  After a number of regular treatments, Botox® may last longer in some areas.

Who should not have Botox® treatment?

You must not have treatment with Botox® if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, have an infection within the treatment area, or have the diseases of myasthenia gravis or Eaton Lambert Syndrome.  

Are there possible side effects?

The most common side effect is a small bruise or slight tenderness at the injection site, and sometimes a low-grade headache. Very rarely, flu-like symptoms or prolonged headaches have been experienced, or Botox® can migrate, causing unwanted weakness in adjoining muscles, depending upon the area treated – this is always temporary lasting for 2-8 weeks.  Unwanted weakness in areas could include:

  • Frown and Forehead Lines    eyebrow or eyelid droop
  • Crow’s Feet    dry eyes or double vision
  • Mouth, frown, chin  – uneven smile movement
  • Neck – uneven smile, neck weakness, difficulty swallowing if high doses
  • Jaw muscles for facial slimming – reduced bite strength, fatigue when chewing, jowls exacerbation

What should I do after Botox® treatment?

To allow the Botox® to take effect and reduce side effects.

  • Avoid causing your face to be red and hot (ie. intense exercise or saunas) to reduce bruising risk.
  • Avoid strong rubbing or facial massage/facials for the rest of the treatment day, caution over 1 week.
  • No eyebrow waxing or tattooing for 2 weeks.
  • You may wear make-up and cleanse your face as normal, later that day. Please apply only with clean hands/brushes.    

Please click on brochure below for more detailed information

Please click on brochure below for more detailed information