Team Member Two





With more than 20 years experience, Megan has worked at some of the most reputable and well regarded public and private hospitals in both London and Auckland.  She is a highly qualified Registered Nurse having completed her Bachelor of Nursing Degree,  with post graduate diplomas and training to ensure her clients and staff are in the safest of hands.  Megan works tirelessly to ensure her Nurses are trained to the highest standard which results in consistency within THE CLINIC.

Megan specialises in state of the art techniques in facial rejuvenation, appearance medicine and advanced clinical skincare.  She is more than passionate about skin and possesses a wealth of knowledge in how to slow the ageing process, rejuvenation, prevention and awareness of skin cancer as well as being one of Auckland’s most experienced nurses in Areola micro-pigmentation.

Clinically brilliant, Megan’s technique is fastidious and dedicated to achieving a fresh natural look for all clients.  She believes in using only the purest scientifically proven, active natural ingredients to help with ageing concerns, sun damage, pigmentation, acne, scarring and rosacea.

Megan loves her craft and her clients believe her work is a fine balance between art and science.  As one of the most trusted and experienced in her field, Megan’s main concern is for the care of her patients by making them feel comfortable and at ease while helping restore a fresh natural look.

Megan’s qualifications are as follows

  • Bachelor of Nursing Degree – Otago
  • Diploma of Higher Education in High Dependency Nursing – Kingston University of London
  • MacMillan Oncology Nurse Training Mentorship Programme
  • Trained and certified in paramedical cosmetic camouflage and Areola Micro-pigmentation – London
  • Comprehensive in-house training facilitated by internationally renowned Cosmetic Medicine Doctors Cattin and Sarah Hart.
  • Advanced Training in Cosmetic Medicine BotoxTM and Dermal Fillers.
  • Numerous  master injector training courses across Australasia
  • Allergan Advanced Injector courses
  • Guest presenter at the Plastic Surgery Nurses Symposium in Auckland on Areola Micro-pigmentation.

Megan’s practice in St Heliers Bay encapsulates the experience she has garnered over her time in the industry and continues to ensure her commitment is to making women and men of all ages feel great about themselves.


Charleen joins our team as a highly qualified Registered Nurse.  Her kind and caring nature makes her a wonderful asset to our team who are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcomes.

Charleen is very passionate about skin, slowing the ageing process, encouraging skin cancer awareness and prevention and, like Megan, believes in using only the purist scientifically proven, active natural ingredients to target ageing concerns, sun damage, pigmentation, acne, scarring and rosacea. An expert in Medi Skin Rejuvenation Peels, the art of SkinPen® (the latest micro-needling medical device to help improve skin texture), treating surgical and acne scaring through collagen induction therapy, Dermafrac, Dermablading and Laser Genesis. Charleen specialises in the art of restorative areola micropigmentation for clients who have undergone breast reconstruction.

Charleen completed her training in Auckland before being employed as a Staff Nurse at Mercy Hospital for six years, in the areas of general surgical and palliative care, her compassion for others and people skills are second to none.

Charleen then moved to the UK and had the opportunity to work in oncology and endoscopy at the Royal Marsden and King Edward Hospitals.

On returning to New Zealand Charleen joined the team at St Marks Women’s Health as a full time Breast Care Nurse, where she gained valuable experience in pre and post-surgical breast care, women’s health and oncology.

Charleen has always had a strong interest in advanced clinical skin care and the growing area of cosmetic medicine.  At Megan Dempsey THE CLINIC Charleen combines her clinical knowledge and experience to fully assess your skin and understand your skin care goals, in order to find the right skin care solution and treatments for you. She is as also one of our most experienced Nurses in areola micropigmentation.


Desma joined our team as our Practice Manager after a career change from the busy life of a Professional Chef for the last 25 years.

Desma earned her qualifications in Wellington and after a time spent working in London, decided to move back to New Zealand to work in some of Auckland’s best restaurants as Senior Sous Chef including Cibo and Euro.

Desma brings with her many years of experience managing professional kitchens her multitasking skills are second to none, combine this with her honest, warm and caring nature and it is no surprise that she has adapted seamlessly to managing the specialised needs of our Boutique Clinic.

Desma has always had a special interest in skin health and possesses a wealth of knowledge on our nutraceuticals and our specialist clinical skin care ranges.

Desma is here to help you with any queries, to manage your bookings, online orders and offer advice on products, having personally used our professional skin care ranges for the last 14 years.

As an integral part our specialised Team, Desma loves helping clients as they begin their skincare journey with us and looks forward to welcoming you to Megan Dempsey THE CLINIC – ensuring your visit begins and ends with a smile.


We are absolutely thrilled to have Sally Coulam join our team at Megan Dempsey THE CLINIC. With over 17 years of experience in appearance medicine she truly is at the top of her game. Sally is a Registered Nurse with a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry having worked both overseas at the Harley Street Clinic and in renowned cosmetic clinics in New Zealand.

Sally joins our highly specialised professional team to continue her passion in cosmetic medicine. She has become extremely sought after by her loyal client base who respect her honesty, professionalism and expertise. Sally is well known for creating natural harmonious appearance and is passionate about the assessment and planning process, helping clients on their journey to achieve their desired results.

Sally is devoted to delivering the highest level of personalised appearance medicine treatments to safely refresh and instill confidence for her clients. Sally is fully trained in the latest techniques and is highly skilled in the art and science of Full Face Assessments, Botox®, Dermal fillers, Laser & Skinpen®. Her skills lie in her eye for detail and her trusted ability to achieve a fresh natural look that is right for you.