Sally’s Favourite Medically Active Skin Care Products

To introduce myself my name is Sally and I am one of the Appearance Medicine Nurses at the amazing Megan Dempsey THE CLINIC. To add a personal touch I thought I would share my favourite products with you all and a little history about myself. I am a true believer that ‘Good skin starts at home’ and the correct cocktail of products is the recipe for success.

Personally I have always been challenged with dry, sun damaged skin due to many hours of horse riding as a youth and outdoor activities. I have come to rely on a range of medically and scientifically based skincare to help reverse and correct these skin conditions.Dehydrated or stressed skin will always become sensitive and irritated if not treated correctly. Our Clinic favourites are Hyaluronic Acid Serums, Multi B and Opti Boost, which are all designed to strengthen and rehydrate at a cellular level. Resulting in a stronger, healthier complexion.

What I personally find very effective in relieving my sun damage and dry skin concerns is to use our highly effective Aspect Hydrating Mask – one of my favourites. This super hydrating mask is nourishing and balancing at the same time – perfect for dry stressed skin. It is not only great for the face but also as a rejuvenating mask for the neck, chest and backs of hands. It contains anti-ageing ingredients of Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, grape seed extract, Vitamin C and jojoba oil – providing calming anti oxidant protection. Best applied in a pea size amount to skin for 20 minutes, or my preference is to apply after my active serums and leave it on overnight as a deeply hydrating moisturiser.
Another top pick from the Megan Dempsey team is the Cosmedix Detox mask – perfectly suited to skin prone to congestion. The active ingredients of charcoal and clay work by drawing out congestion and reducing oil without stripping the natural barrier function.This mask can be used twice weekly and is also a very effective spot treatment for active blemishes. This detoxifying mask is the perfect at home treatment, especially as it is easy to apply and a little goes a long way.