Cosmedix Elite Eye Doctor




Eye Doctor

Known as the miraculous liquid crystal eye serum, Eye Doctor focusses on what matters. Replenishing damaged, thinning skin around the eyes and delivering on a potent strengthening power for the delicate eye tissue.  This is a must have!



  • Helps with reducing the appearance of fine lines
  • Minimises puffiness and discolourations
  • Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes
  • Protects and purifies
  • Antioxidant for the eye area
  • Moisture binding


Ideal for

  • Dry and dehydrated
  • Fine lines
  • Post ops/Laser/Chemical peel
  • Post injections
  • Puffy eyes
  • Discolourations
  • Loss of firmness
  • Menopausal



Pin head, warmed between fingers and applied to orbital bone of upper and lower eye day and night.  Can also be used on lip area.

NB: Do not use if pregnant or lactating.

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