Tackling Ageing Skin

Wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation are inevitable skin woes that often appear as we age. While we like to place blame on getting another year older, one of the main culprits is photo-ageing, damage caused by exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) light. UV is responsible for 90% of visible changes to your skin. UV ageing is a direct result of cumulative sun damage you have been exposed to through your life.

Research shows we have about 10-15 years more sun damage than those in the Northern hemisphere. Our New Zealand sunlight is around us at all times, so sun damage is a year-round concern for everyone. The paler your skin type and eye colour the more susceptible you are to damage. Inherited ageing can’t be helped but UV ageing accelerates the process. That is why there is nothing more important than a high-quality sunscreen to ensure you are protecting your face year-round. We highly recommend The Clinic’s ULTIMATE BLOCK™,

With age, skin becomes thinner and the stores of collagen and elastin gradually diminish, causing looser, wrinkled skin. Most anti-wrinkle products available over-the-counter cannot reverse or repair sun-damaged, ageing skin, simply because these products do not contain enough high dose, active, medical grade ingredients.

By limiting the causes, we can minimize how much our skin ages by feeding our skin with active topicals such as high dose medical grade serums like Aspect Dr Exfol A, Aspect Dr Multi B plus, Aspect Dr Active C Serum and with medical grade skin products within THE CLINIC.

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