The best time for Laser Treatment

Autumn and Winter are the very best months to plan an extremely effective laser light treatment for your pigmentation, redness and small veins on your face, chest, back of hands, arms and legs. The paler your skin the more effective the treatment can be. We have the most clinically advanced Laser technology in the country and are committed to providing the best possible results with minimal downtime. This usually requires 2-3 laser treatments, ideally spaced 1 month apart.

Our Medical Grade laser was designed in consultation with top Dermatologists. It uses accurate and selective light to safely heat up pigment cells and carefully break down visible sun spots, small veins & redness. At the same time, it will increase production of your own natural collagen cells helping to give a firmer more even and refreshed skin tone.

Preparing for Laser treatment is important.  Whatever your age, if your skin is healthy, balanced and hydrated, you will achieve superior results after our laser treatments. Aspect Dr B, Aspect Dr C and Aspect Dr Hyaluronic serums are perfect for achieving this for at least two weeks prior. Those with excessive sun damage and resulting pigmentation are advised to reduce pigment sensitivity with a specialist serum like Aspect Dr Pigment Plus serum.

Prior to your treatment, you will need a consultation with one of our experienced Registered Nurses to check suitability and discuss treatment options.  We do require you to have had a recent skin cancer check with your GP or skin cancer clinic before treatment and note that raised moles or lesions of concern cannot be treated. The results of our laser treatments are extremely effective, and make-up can be worn immediately after treatment. Further information is available on request.


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